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Update 2-19-2018

A Universal "Read Me" file has been created for all downloads. The old individual read me files have been replaced with this new file. This new file replaces "ALL" of the old PLair read me files. What does this even mean? This means you can delete all of the old read me files, and just use the one file, deleting the file from new downloads and only needing one if you have the universal file already. The policy is basically the same, just shorter and sweeter and not customized to every file type like before. This will enable you to store all of your downloads from here into a folder with just one read me file.

If you have not done so already, please download the new file by clicking the download button below, or downloading something and obtaining the new read me file from it.

PLair Universal Read Me


Update 2-18-2018

Today 1 new avatar has been added. Enjoy!

Previous: Update 1-10-2018

Today 9 Deep Purple Walls and 10 matching floors were added. Enjoy!

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Everything in life changes, so in turn Piper’s Lair needed to roll with the ebb and flow. The site has been completely remodled and a lot more. It’s back to what it was intended for, Sims 1 content, everything else, well, it’s gone poof as far as the main site is concerned.

Hope you like the new look! Enjoy!

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